Supplier Terms and Conditions

  1. Waltz Bros. Inc. must be notified of any nonconforming product to provide disposition and request corrective action. Notification is required of process, equipment, facility, tooling/program changes, and use of other subcontractors to complete work.
  2. Test specimens/records must be retained for 10 years min. unless otherwise specified.
  3. Waltz Bros.’ customer and regulatory authorities must have the right of access to applicable areas/facilities, including records within all levels of the supply chain.
  4. Certification: This order is placed with the understanding that the seller/buyer has complied with the provisions of the FAIR LABOR STANDARD ACT OF 1938, as amended.
  5. To Vendor: It is agreed that goods ordered herein shall comply with all Federal Laws relative thereto, and that you will defend and save harmless this company from loss, cost or damage by reason of actual or alleged infringement of letters patent concerning same.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel this order or any portion, if delivery is not made when and as specified or if material or workmanship is not to our specifications.
  7. Waltz Bros Inc. is liable for purchase order price; changes must be confirmed before processing.
  8. Processing of this order constitutes your acceptance of the above conditions.
  9. All suppliers shall prevent the use of counterfeit parts and ensure that persons are aware of:
    1. their contribution to product or service conformity;
    2. their contribution to product safety;
    3. the importance of ethical behavior.

REV C 1/25/19