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Print to Perfection

Waltz Brothers goal is to make our Customers lives easy.  The Customer submits an order with a print of what they want made, and Waltz Brothers does the rest.

Waltz’s Process:

  • An in-depth contract review to ensure all the customer requirements are clearly laid out.
  • Creates operations and sketches for each individual step in the process‚ ensuring consistency and clarity on the shop floor.
  • Verifies that material meets all specification requirements.
  • Ensures any special process goes to a customer approved location.
  • Verifies that all special processes meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Ensure all internal operations are following the process as intended.
  • Maintains all records and traceability of each individual production lot.
  • Provides the customer with a perfect product upon completion.

Customer’s Process:

  • Place Order
  • Play Golf
  • Repeat